The Inaugural Blog Post

Welcome to!  If you are reading this, congratulations!  You have found the "Blog!"  Not only that, but also, this happens to be the "inaugural blog post" (insert dramatic music cue here).


Gotta start somewhere, right?! 

As it turns out, there's not much to report, yet.  But, stay tuned!  As the world continues to turn, newsworthy things are happening each day.  But, rather than bog you down with the same old stuff as everyone else, I would prefer to touch on the high points of the "Brian McKelvey musical adventure."  This really just boils down to two things: 1.)  newsworthy stuff I could tell you, and 2.)  all other things I could possibly think of sharing (which really might equate to a can of worms).  Pretty cut and dried, right?!

Well, anyway, this is a good time to encourage you to sign up for the email list (here), if you haven't already done that.  That way, you can stay informed about what's going on with Brian McKelvey and learn about things like: upcoming shows, new song and album releases, latest news, and other stuff.  Also, if you like social media, you can connect with me on Facebook at: Brian McKelvey's Facebook Page

Like I said, "stay tuned!"  There's more to come; and plenty of good music too!

As they say in Italy: "Ciao for now!"