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"Timeless music for good times"

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Previous events

THE STORM AIN'T STOPPING US!!!! So, get ready for a ROCKIN' 4th of July celebration IN AUGUST! Brian McKelvey will be performing his rendition of some of the best classic and alternative rock and country music!!! The festivities happen at Columbia, Illinois American Legion Park, with plenty of food, fun, and music to make a memorable time for everyone!

Get ready for a fun and relaxing time out, at Lieferbräu, with some of the best craft beer and music! Brian McKelvey returns to Lieferbräu Brewery, with a unique mix of classic to modern rock, country, folk, blues, and alternative music to help kick you into the Saturday night groove! If you've never been to Lieferbräu, don't wait any longer! Bring your friends to check out one of the best craft breweries around and enjoy #timelessmusicforgoodtimes!


Blog, News, n' Stuff

This is where you can find news updates and information about the musical life and times of Brian McKelvey, including an occasional spill of random stuff from his thought closet (kinda like a water closet, but, it flushes a lot slower).  Be sure to check back regularly, though.  You never know what might spill out!