Easing Back Into Real Life


Howdy All! 

Here I am, still hanging out and strumming in this strange world, as it has become!  But, in the midst of it all, I have been fortunate to get out and play a couple of shows, in the past  couple of weeks.  What a great blessing, to be able to do what I love again!  There is nothing like the feeling a musician gets when they know their audience is engaged and enjoying the show--dancing, singing along, and having a good time!  It immerses you into a new reality, takes your mind off of things for a bit, and allows you to just breathe and be the music that "IS" the moment!  When everything is clicking and the music is good, the audience is energized and their response kicks the energy right back at you, it gets you pumped and you volley it back and forth with them throughout the show!   This is what I find to be the most satisfying and rewarding experience a musician can have--connecting with the audience!  The last couple of shows played out in this manner; and it makes me glad to be getting out to play and connect with listeners again.  There's no other substitute for "in the flesh," live music, no matter how you try to bend and shape it!  My hope is that the feeling my audience receives from the experience, is equally satisfying to them!



I want to thank you, my friends, for coming out to enjoy my performances in these recent weeks!  It was a thrill to be able to introduce three of my newest original songs at the show I played at Hopskeller Brewing Co., this past Saturday: See What's Going Down, Kickin' With the Guitar Man, and Middle Ground.  The latter of these three, is a song that I have been molding and refining over the course of many years, recently achieving a point of satisfied completion and readiness to perform it in its final form.  The first two, are songs that I was inspired to write and arrange during the recent COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.  I'm looking forward to putting out an album, soon, that will include these songs and several others.  These three songs are distinctively country music influenced, but, with a unique character that makes them a little different, in their own way.  I am excited to be playing these for my listeners!



Next show is June 27th at Washy's Saloon, 1-5 p.m., unless something pops up before then.  Stay tuned for more dates to be added, as things roll forward!

As always, keep checking back periodically, for new Brian McKelvey acoustic show dates and other great news.  You can also sign up to be on the  Brian McKelvey e-mail list and receive newsletters and updates; or connect with me on Facebook: @bmaxrock and Instagram: bmaxrock to keep up with "what's going down."   For now, it's looking better and I'm excited about what's ahead!

Until next time, keep KICKIN', y'all! 




Photos by Jason McKelvey